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ICT Section

Here are two web page addresses 

Scratch At Home page provides children, families, and educators with ideas for engaging in creative learning activities using the free Scratch coding environment.

Just getting started with Scratch? 
Our Ideas page has a variety of resources to support learners: from beginner tutorials to starter projects to downloadable Scratch Coding Cards.

The Scratch we use at school is SCRATCH 1.4   found at


There has been a request for more Spreadsheet work

Here is a simple test of formula.     Multiplying and dividing. 

They will be e-mailed to all students currently working with ICT.

Multiplying and Dividing

Multiplying and Dividing 2



Ensure you know your Scratch Interface     (Video STILL not downloaded.....27/05/20)

Each section of the Scratch Interface has a name.    You should know them ALL.

The quiz can only be complete ONCE!!

If you feel you need a refresher before doing the quiz RUN the MP4 below.   Its about 5 mins long.


If you are SURE you know ALL the name just run the Quiz.



Word Course

Here is a download for the Parkhill Microsoft Word Course.

I have supplied 2 formats  :-

PDFa (Most universal file type available for this purpose)

-      Word Course Download - pdf


Microsoft Word

-      Word Course Download - word doc


Problem Solving Games

Here are a few games found on the internet that practice problem solving or keyboard dexterity.

Games List


Student Quiz List

These question and quiz papers have been e-mailed to many students over the past weeks.

Please Note some training material was supplied with some of these tests.


All Students

Internet Safety

Program Icons

Logical Thinking 1

Computer Parts 1

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Excel 1

2nd Year Onwards

Browsers, legal Images and Renewables

Logical Thinking 2

Computer Parts 2

Scratch 1

Scratch Interface Quiz


3rd Year Onwards

Computer Parts 3

Upper School ICT

Database and Web Design