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Standards and Quality Report




Parkhill Secondary School: Session 2021-22

The summary report is provided for parents/careers and partners to outline our achievements this session and our priorities for next session.

Throughout this session we have taken forward our priorities as detailed in our school improvement plan.

Through our processes of self-evaluation, we have identified how we can improve outcomes for our children and young people.


Our achievements and improvements this year. 

We would like to highlight the following improvements/achievements:

Leadership of change

The school continues to return to a more normal curriculum and way of working while still acknowledging the difficulties presented by COVID-19 and recent pandemic. The school will now focus on supporting the mental health of pupils and staff.

The school values are discussed and reinforced at assemblies. The Senior Leadership Team deliver presentations at assemblies on the different school values and these are also reinforced at

Over the last few years the Senior Leadership Team has evolved the self-evaluation processes for teaching and learning. Throughout the year all staff are involved in quality assurance. There is a robust QA calendar as well as activities including a Teaching and Learning self-evaluation questionnaire, enhanced video self-reflection and peer support and followed by peer and leadership team observations of lessons.

Over the last year the school has researched and developed a new tracking system – Connecting Steps.

Improvement planning involves all members of staff being involved in the evaluation of the current School Improvement Plan (SIP). This, along with priorities set out by the local authority in line with National Improvement Framework priorities, helps to form the SIP for the following year.

Staff work in groups throughout the year, delivering and participating in activities in order to enhance professional knowledge, understanding and skills that will impact positively on our learners’ progress.

Annual review meetings were mostly conducted in person with support where relevant.

Departmental SQA meetings were conducted with Headteacher and Depute Headteacher with a selected number of departments. This will continue next year with a new selection of departments.


Developments in learning and teaching and assessment

The Quality of learning and teaching continues to improve. Improving the Quality of learning and teaching in Parkhill has been a priority over the last few years. In most lessons, teachers:

  • share Learning Intentions and Success Criteria at the beginning of lessons
  • use feedback effectively, identifying strengths and next steps for pupils
  • use questioning effectively
  • engage pupils in active learning
  • are confident pupils understand what they are learning about and why

In the majority of lessons teachers:

  • relate learning to other areas of the curriculum and skills for Life, Learning and Work
  • use a range of learning environments where appropriate
  • engage pupils in learning conversations about their work
  • finish lessons with a plenary

Ipads are now used in all classes and have helped to support learning in the classroom as well as online during lockdown. This has had a huge effect on the way in which learning and lessons can be delivered.

New furniture was purchased for 2 classrooms and it is hoped this has a positive impact on teaching and learning as pupils have more respect and pride in their working environment. The technical room also has new desks and workbenches.

The Outdoor Learning environment has begun to be redeveloped with the old Janitor’s house area being cleared in preparation for Sowing Seeds coming ion to install a sensory garden.

Over the last 2 years the school has focused on the Global Goals and Learning for Sustainability and this connected with COP 26 which took place in Glasgow in November. Staff have undertaken training on this as well as developing the school towards being a Rights Respecting School. The school were awarded a Bronze Award for Rights Respecting Schools in June 2022.

Over the last few years pupils with more complex needs have been added to the school roll. The school has responded by offering a new pathway for these pupils including a new, tailored curriculum. The school has a dedicated teacher with Complex Needs training who takes the class for the majority of the day and pupils have a space for their class. The school has also invested in new sensory room apparatus and equipment to support pupils with sensory and complex needs.

The Food school Scotland programme, delivered by Hub International and in conjunction with Eastbank Academy and Smithycroft Secondary school was delivered for the first time since 2019.

The school has introduced Autism Development time and is supporting Mrs Doherty as she works towards her Masters in Autism. This time on the timetable allows Mrs Doherty to support young people who may be feeling distressed due to their Autism.

Wellbeing, Equality and Inclusion

Mrs Livingston developed and delivered a survey on the nurturing principles to all staff and disseminated this to staff at a Monday meeting. 

Our training over the last few years on LGBT+, mental health, Language and Communication Friendly Establishments and nurture, has ensured that staff are confident and skilled in providing excellent, targeted and universal support for our young people. Our response to the COVID pandemic has further been supported by targeted counselling sessions within the school. The school supported a staff member to become a counsellor. We now have a fully trained counsellor available to support pupils with mental health issues and support their wellbeing. The school also bought in support from Action for Children who provided group counselling. Another Support For Learner worker provided anxiety counselling for selected pupils.

The Health and Wellbeing curriculum has been revised and moved towards delivering RSHP (Relationships, Sexual Health and Parenthood). Staff have had CPD on this delivery. The school continues to focus on sexual health due to the COVID pandemic.

The school reintroduced After School clubs and have also increased the number of extra-curricular clubs particularly at lunchtimes. The breakfast club was also reintroduced and supports pupils to ensure they have a healthy start to their day.

The school has a new DYW coordinator who supports the DYW programme throughout the school as well as supporting work experience and post school destinations/transitions. The school also introduced DYW ambassadors (1 pupil and 1 staff member) to support the Enterprise for All initiative. The school were awarded the Bronze Enterprise for All Award in June 2022. 

ENABLE began working with the school again this year and will also support work experience, transitions and independent travel. 

Our whole school tracking system allows new staff to be aware of pupils’ additional support needs as well as health needs. Regular Monday night meetings, and in particular those focusing on pupil support enhance our understanding of pupils’ needs. By using solution focused approaches, we can utilise strategies that will support the pupil in their learning and around the school.

The school achieved LGBT+ friendly status and continues to develop this through our LGBT+ coordinator and a lunchtime group of pupils. 

Almost all staff have a confident understanding of the wellbeing indicators and how these are used to provide a holistic assessment of a young person’s wellbeing. All teaching staff and some key Support for Learning staff contribute to our Wellbeing Assessments and Plans which are completed for all pupils on Staged Intervention levels 3 and 4. Young people contribute to assessment of wellbeing and target creation as they are supported by registration teachers and Year Heads to engage with the Glasgow Motivation and Wellbeing Profile. Similarly, where appropriate, young people have Risk Assessments. These are reviewed to evaluate impact at key stages during the year.

Principal Teacher Mr McGeever has strengthened the school’s ability to support Inclusion. He has been working with small groups of pupils to develop their social and interpersonal skills by engaging in Outdoor Learning. We continue to develop our nurture curriculum and are building on our partnerships with PE Plus, Active Sports and Sports Leader Awards.

Raising Attainment and Recognising Achievement

We are proud that our attainment and achievement continue to improve over session 2020-21 with the following key highlights:

  • One National 5 in English with an A grade.
  • First Modern Studies National 5.
  • First units at SCQF level 5 in Spanish.
  • Improvements in numbers of course awards in several subjects including Art, ICT and PE
  • For the 6th year in a row 100% of summer leavers achieved a positive destination
  • We have continued to improve our partnership working by utilising organisations like Hub International to help us deliver key aspects of the curriculum such as vocational courses.
  • In English a new reading scheme “Rapid readers” was introduced to help support those who still experience difficulty with reading, particularly in S1 and S2. 
  • We continue to deliver Duke of Edinburgh awards and this year delivered it at Bronze, Silver and for the first time Gold level.  
  • Bronze award – Rights Respecting Schools
  • Bronze Award – Enterprise for All.

Here is what we plan to improve next year.

Our areas for Improvement next year are:

  1. Incorporating the new tracking and monitoring system
  2. Develop Teaching & Learning, particularly:
  • Digital learning
  • Autism
  • Nurturing principles
  • Foundation Apprenticeship: Hospitality
  • Connecting Steps
  • FBA: Functional Behaviour Analysis
  1. To achieve Language and Communication Friendly status.
  2. Learning for sustainability
  3. Post-Covid recovery – mental health and wellbeing for pupils and staff


How can you find out more information about our school?

Please contact us directly if you require further information or if you wish to comment on the report.


The contact e-mail address is:

Our telephone number is: 0141 554 2765

Our school address is: 375 Cumbernauld Road, Glasgow G31 3LP


Further information is available on:

The school website:

The school handbook: Us

The School Facebook Page: @Parkhillsecondaryschoolglasgow

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