Parkhill Secondary School

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Vision Value and Aims

Our Vision, Values and Aims

At Parkhill Secondary School we aspire to ensure that all pupils are successful learners, responsible citizens, confident individuals and effective contributors and are ready to take their place in wider society.
To educate our young people to achieve all they can within a safe, nurturing and inclusive environment. 
To develop ambitious, resilient young adults and prepare them for future experiences that will allow them to participate successfully within the wider community.
Our Values:


We aim to:
·         meet learners’ needs through providing innovative, high quality learning experiences
·         offer a challenging and dynamic curriculum which has breadth, pace and depth
·         promote social inclusion through partnerships and experiences within the wider community
·         promote collaboration, interdisciplinary learning and leadership opportunities at all levels
·         promote a healthy, active lifestyle recognising the importance of sustainability and protecting our environment
·         ensure fairness and equality permeates all aspects of school life
·         actively encourage involvement of all stakeholders in the life of the school and to recognise and value that contribution